Still Life Research


There were so many ideas I had for food, but I had to limit myself realistically on what I can do and what is available to me. My first choice was doing a dessert, a latte and macaroons.. a French delicacy. My reason for doing dessert is because sweet foods are often a bit colorful and fascinating to look at, and a latte compliments the French cookies. I want to capture the dessert up close, and have the macaroons in focus along with having the latte in focus too so the viewer can see the layer of espresso, coffee, and foaminess of the froth milk on top. I want to have the back-round to be white so the pastel colors could pop out. Another idea was doing pizza. I make homemade pizza from scratch and I want to do an above shot of the pizza with its ingredients running along the sides of the pizza pan. I might do a dark marble table top for this photograph.


I’m not familiar with popular clothing brands, but I am shopper of buying Teavana teas and vitamin water. I want to capture the tea in a playful setting with the leaves and flowers scattered out of the tea can with a cup of tea already brewed on the side. I want to have a white back-round so I am able to capture the dark tiny loose leaves. If that does not work, I’ll do a Bai vitamin water product instead. For the vitamin water I want the actual bottle of it (pomegranate flavor), an actual pomegranate sliced in front, and the drink that is already poured in a nice glass cup garnished with the fruit.



I had three ideas for the traditional still life. One photo that captures a scene of a work space of an artist with the everyday essentials such as a laptop, coffee, paintbrushes, palette, pencils, a notebook, and a sketchbook. The back round would most likely be a wooden desk.  A second idea was having the necessities for a workout such as a phone w/ headphones, athletic shoes, water bottle, nutritional snack bar, towel and dumbbells. A third idea is capturing the items from a female purse. Usually there is feminine items like a cute wallet, glasses, nail polish, lip stick, spray and lotion. In the end, I might stick with my first idea.

contactsheet-001SONY DSC


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