Still Life Research


For this project, I want to focus on objects that are related to Hawaii (I was born there).

Food: Hawaiian food is typically not very visually appealing so I want to try do a bird’s eye view of the deconstruction of a bowl of saimin or a plate of loco moco on a clean white background. Also, typical Hawaiian restaurants that serve these dishes have wood tables, I would use wood as my background, but I think the background could get too busy with the deconstruction of the food.

Traditional: My grandpa was a huge part of my life (since he was my only grandparent for most of my life), but he sadly passed away last year. This might be morbid and/or weird, but I want to take a photo of my grandpa’s urn surrounded with his favorite Aloha shirts, his kukui nut or fish hook necklace, his pair of glasses, his military photo, some of his drawings or his sketchbook, and other Hawaiian related things. Since this is a dark topic, I am thinking of using a dark gray cloth as the background and have dramatic lighting.

Product: I want to use a pair of slippers. Slippers are the go to footwear in Hawaii and the first things I think of when I see them are “fun” and “beach”. Like the examples I found, I want to use an overly saturated fun background, preferably the complimentary color to my slippers. I’ll probably use a bright colored poster board for the background, but if that idea doesn’t work I’ll just use white and throw sand onto it.




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