Still Life Reasearch

Still Life.jpg20170125_095519.jpg

For my Food product I chose ice cream. I wanted to create a nostalgic feeling in the image by showing the ice cream melting in someones hand. I would compliment the ice cream by putting other toppings that you would usually find on it; for example, almonds, nuts, or other pieces of chocolate.

For the Still Life I chose to represent soccer equipment. I chose a pair of cleats, a ball, a jersey, and some shinguard’s, and a soccer bag  to be placed on a bench. I want to place the items on a field to add to the concept of the entire image. I would also want the shot to be taken at night where there would be a lamp illuminating the equipment.

For the product I chose to represent a bottle of Sierra Nevada. I wanted to choose a natural outdoor scenery for this product since the label itself displays the Sierra Nevada mountains. I would like as much natural scenery for this product that resembles the color of the drink.


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