Still Life Research

Traditional: For the traditional still life I want to try and create a weird environment with the items I choose. Using a simple background I hope to bring out detail in the lifeless items with dramatic lighting. I also hope to keep it super simple with solid color items rather than mixed colors. Photographers Inspired by: Michiko Kon

Product: For the product still life I plan on creating various arrangements for the item I choose and I plan to add an object that complements the main product being sold. I want to take both birds eye view shots and eye level shot to capture dramatic lighting. For the back ground I want to try and be more playful and place the items in front of a background that complements them. For the birds eye view background I will probably go for a simplistic background. Photographers Inspired by: Sam Kaplan, Josh Caudwell

Food: For the food still life I would like to incorporate different elements together such as desserts, fruits, and the ingredients that make the desserts so sweet. Because they all play a big role within each other I would like to combine all of them to make interesting color combinations. I will try and shoot at both a bird’s eye view and low-level perspective and from there I choose the best perspective that compliments the items. Photographers Inspired by: Jim Scherer, Nadine Greeff


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