EX G Printing

1) Walmart

2) Target

3) CVS

4) Cal Poly

The best match in terms of color, contrast, exposure, I found was target. In terms of paper quality I found that out to be Walmart. Most of the other stores I happened to print at seemed to be very low quality paper, with the colors of the actual photograph being a touch more saturated then my actual photograph. Walmart also seemed to be the best when it came to the quality of the photograph as a whole, showing very little grain compared to the other stores. The only problem was that the contrast of the photograph seemed to be on the lower side, so next time I go print at Walmart I will have to remember to compensate for that by raising my contrast up a touch. As for printing my photo projects from now on I plan on using Walmart. Not only are they quick and reliable but the quality is decent at a great price for the work I am producing for this class.img_3685


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