Exercise G

16443926_1757206407638392_916755721_o.jpgOrder (Top to Bottom): Walgreens, Claremont Photo, Walmart, Target, CVS

Best Match: Claremont Photo // The color was the closest here to my photo on a computer screen. The contrast was sharp, but not overwhelming. The exposure was the most accurate to the screen. The other places either darkened it up too much or really washed it out.

Best Quality: Claremont Photo // They seem to have printed on the nicest, thickest paper. The photo looked clearest and closest to the picture on screen.

Where I will print: Claremont Photo, if I have the expendable money. If not, I will print at Target. After Claremont Photo, they came the closest to matching the photo onscreen. Albeit, a place like Costco would probably be better, but I am going to check that out with my next prints. For Target, they printed kinda dark. When sending images to print there, I will turn up the brightness to match the true image.


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