Research & Brainstorming

My approach for this project was first to look at photographs by artists with a more traditional technique and others with more of a non traditional approach to still life objects. Through my research I saw many different ways in which objects take different forms and meaning through the simple way in which they are portrayed in a photograph. The shots I am planning on taking will focus on angles and lighting effects to give the object a different feel. The objects I plan on shooting would be some that I could relate to or that I simply enjoy in one way or another. For the arrangement image I plan on a shot consisting of all the items I normally use on a landscape design project, somewhat a representation of what I do and how it makes me feel. For the product image I plan on observing the best angles of a wine bottle. For the final image, food, I am thinking of photographing authentic Mexican plates. Pan dulce is on the top choice of objects selected for this shot along with tacos, solely because they are foods I enjoy that remind me of my family.


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