Still Life Research


For the Still Life Research Project, I chose three unique topics in a way that each of them have a diversity and variety to them that makes it enjoyable to everyone. The first one I chose is sports. Not only do I have a passion for sports, playing baseball, football, soccer, and lacrosse throughout my life, but I acknowledge that there are so many different types of sports. Through the still life, I can show the various types of sports, and combine them in a way that shows their interconnectedness. As for my second object, popcorn, I believe this is one treat that everybody enjoys. There are the usual flavors of caramel, kettle, and butter, but to capture all different kinds will show the creativity people have when adding their personal twist on a commonly enjoyed treat. Lastly, the ingredients of pizza, has recently turned into a fun and customized industry. From anchovies, to artichoke, to chili peppers, pizza ingredients are a fun and diverse topic to shoot and give perspective of how vast the ingredients for it can be.


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