Project 2 Research

For this project, I chose beach-themed items for my traditional still life, Martinelli’s apple cider drink for my product photography, and spaghetti for the food photography. As I started planning for this, I found myself focusing a lot on what I want the lighting to be and what feeling I want each photo to convey to the viewer. For the beach themed items, I wanted to give the feeling of a relaxing summer day, so soft lighting will be used. The seashells will fade off from the frame and the sunglasses, book and cold drink will give that idea of sitting by the beach just enjoying the breeze. For the product, I plan on having it poured into a clear glass, while apples will be littered across the frame, on a mat on the grass. The background will be nature, to give the idea of being outside having a picnic. For the spaghetti, my plan is to take a topdown photo, with a plate of spaghetti on one side of the frame, and some of the ingredients, like the noodles and tomatoes, to be on the opposite side. I’ll use warm lighting, again to invite the feeling that this is meal to be eaten in a friendly and warm environment.


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