From my research on still life regarding food, product and arrangement, I learned that anything can be used for photography as long it is taken at a good angle and lighting. Making the object as attractive and eye catching as possible is what makes the consumer buy or keep looking at the image. When looking for food I was looking for food that I liked and with an angle that made you want it once you looked at it. For my images, I want to take pictures of food being cooked and or plated next to a good drink giving a good dinner scene.  For product, I was researching everyday products that men and women could use, and came across some very interesting ways to photograph everyday products. For products, I want to photograph products such as car cleaning products, drinks and other products we use on the daily. With arrangements, I came across few ways that they can be made such as an organized matter where all are spaced equally and uniformly and other where objects are placed together creating a scene. For my arrangement, I want to approach both concepts that I found but go for more of the organized equally spaced.


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