Food – I want to take photos of cupcakes along with the ingredients placed around it. I’m thinking about shooting with a low aperture (f5.6) so I can get a better focus on the main subject in the foreground.

Product – For this, I want to limit the variety of objects so I’m thinking about only having the product (backpack) plus flowers in and around it. For the flowers, I want to either use white or red since the backpack I’m using will be ocean green. With white flowers, it will produce a very clean look… and if I tried doing it with red flowers, it would compliment the product’s color.

Still Life – I want to take a fun approach with this photo by choosing objects that are the same color. For this, I’ll probably go to a thrift store to find a variety of interesting items that are similar in color and then find the best way to arrange them for photos.


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