Romo_Natalia_(Light and Shadow)


Places I went:

  • Claremont Photo
  • Costco
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart

Where is the best quality?

  • The best quality was definitely Claremont Photo.

What is the best match?

  • The best match was once again Claremont Photo they matched the black and white levels, contrast, and brightness greatly.

Where do you plan on printing for this class?

  • Since my parents have a Costco membership I will probably print at Costco since the quality is pretty good, and it’s cost effective.

What changes will you make to match to screen?

  • Because I plan on printing at Costco I intend to make the color temperature a little bluer, so, if I ever print in black and white again it doesn’t appear sepia.

Exercise G

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