Exercise G – Adam Corcuera

I went to Fedex and CVS for my photo prints. The prints were decent in price ranging from $0.50 – $1.50. However, The fedex print on the top right printed much darker than expected. The CVS printer printed with more clarity and excellent exposure balance in relation to my original image. The CVS print had the overall best quality and color match in regards to my original photo. The paper itself was a thick stock paper with a glossy finish. I plan on going to CVS for commercial prints due to their Kodak machines being readily available, and in numerous locations surrounding my residence. As far as changes to my screen, I may have to adjust the exposure of my image so that it doesn’t print too bright. I will also explore more print shops to experience a variety of printers to best meet my needs.

top left: Fedex, bottom left: CVS, right: Original photo


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