Portrait Research

for my portraits, i wanted to have a warm feeling that one could relate to in every category. for the environmental portrait, i plan on taking a picture of a person in a tree. being in nature, especially in a tree, is one of those activities that is dually environmental. in my self portrait, i will hold a succulent wreath and have a project of mine in the background. as much as i enjoy graphic design and making art, taking time to stop and smell the succulents ( or rather just enjoy them) is always important. for the traditional portrait, i will have my mom sitting down with her various plants/orchids. in the living room, we have a few glamour shots of her when she was 20, i want to remake a modern version of this. talking about modern versions, for the creative shot, i’m going to do a working class “american gothic”. a young worker will hold their work shoes and be dressed somewhat like the man in the work, with a dog in a dress to serve as the wife/best friend.


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