Still Life Research


For my project, my idea for traditional still life is to do items that relate to me, as in, showcasing my hobbies. So for a few could be shoes collecting, art supplies, video games, cameras and the like. For product still life, I’d like to do accessories for clothes, but I know most accessories aren’t easily distinguish unless it has a fat brand label on it. Also, make up brands, not too big brands since I ain’t gonna spend like that. This one could be a little complicated but I know for sure can do a shoe Nike one. Then for ingredients still life, try to showcase recipes I like to make and then any other recipes I have around the house. Will definitely shop for some but I have to plan carefully since I don’t want to waste money early on than my errand period. Since food would most likely be the most complicated, I did few thumbnails for the recipes I’ll prioritize first.


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