1. Kinkos 2. Staples 3. Target 4. Claremont 5. Home

Original Image:

Which location had the best quality?
From the 5, I think Claremont did. It matched my image closer than the others, it’s just pricey :l

Which Location had the worst quality?
Definitely places like Kinkos/Staples. I knew Target had a thing of boosting up saturation of images. Home printing is not any future attempts since it’s not inkjet.

Where do you plan on printing for projects and what adjustments will you make?
I plan to try Walmart, I haven’t printed with them yet so will give that a test. Costco would be 2nd but after walmart test. I think adjustments to make is try to set up exposure. Since I have eye problems seeing monitors things are usually darker to me, so i have to play around with highlights and exposure to make sure its lit enough but while not making it super saturated.


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