Series Proposal

East Hollywood

I live near a strip where there are many latinx-owned establishments such as restaurants, bakeries, and street vendors. I was thinking of taking both environmental portraits and photos of the environment itself to capture Latinx culture as a whole as I see it in my neighborhood.

I was born and raised in East Hollywood and in recent years it has become heavily gentrified. I would still consider it very latinx-centric but far less than what it used to be. I feel a lot of people overlook East Hollywood since West Hollywood, the more “splendid” part, is just a couple of minutes away. Basically,  I want to photograph the places that I grew up with. I think I want to use this project as a way to preserve and share what’s left of what East Hollywood used to be.

Depending on the weather, time of day, etc. I might use my tripod. I do want these to be candid shots, so I don’t think I’ll be using special equipment, techniques, etc.

I haven’t settled on a particular output method yet but I might stick to traditional 8×10 prints, or if not, I would try the zine approach.


For self-portrait I’m thinking of doing something that reflects my personality while creating some sort of contrast in color. For this, I would be in front a bright, vibrant background while wearing black clothing and facing the background. I basically want to find a subtle way to portray introversion. For simple, I was thinking of taking a picture of someone sitting on a stool in some sort of empty space. I want the person looking away from the camera with strong lighting coming from the top corner to put focus on the face. For environmental, I’m thinking to photograph my dad playing soccer since that’s his biggest interest. The particular shot I have in mind is him laying down on field, holding a soccer ball to his head, looking as if he had just finished practicing for a long time. Of course, I want to make use of strong natural light on the subject. I’m not entirely sure what I want to photograph for the creative portrait, but I might take it from a more interesting angle, such as from the top of the staircase while the subject is at the bottom.