I mood and light



Portrait Research

For the self portrait I plan to get as close as possible to a computer screen and then take a picture of that. For the environmental picture, Someone hugging a tree or touching it would be a good start. For the formal picture I want to make the person as small as possible, in the corner of the portrait. For the creative I want to distort the body, maybe the hand.

G Printing

Sheats_Aaron_ShadowSheats_Aaron images

I printed at Target, FedEx, BSC print lab, ENV print lab and Fullerton Photographs.

Fullerton was the best quality.

FedEx seems like the best match, despite the quality.

For future printing I will try to print at the BSC if I can confirm they do ink printing. I will also turn down the saturation for my images to compensate.

Project 2 Research


For my still life photograph, I will be taking pictures of books. I will complement the well laid out books with this associated with reading. This includes a comfy reading place such as the library, or a good couch. For my food still life photo I will take a picture of a still cooking egg. The egg will be cooked sunny side up, preferably not messed up. If this fails, I will arrange pre prepared food such as panda express. The product photo I plan to do a photograph of is a microphone. The microphone will be placed in front of a computer monitor, blurred to put the focus on the product.