Exercise K


Exercise G

Location of the prints: Staples, Kinkos, Cal Poly Print Lab, Claremont Photos, Cvs

Best quality of print was at Claremont Photos

For the Future I will most likely use either Claremont phots or the print lab located on cal poly. The biggest adjustment I will need to make will basically be to make sure I size everything correctly.

Still Life Research

For my Traditional style of still life I plan to use food and other things related to food. The background scene will most likely be in the kitchen. I will also darken the room so that I can use a spotlight on my objects. For the Product portion of this project I will most likely use either alcohol or cigars. Both of which are very easily located within my house. As for the scenery I will most likely use the cigar lounge I work at or a very dimly lit room in my house.