Final Project Proposal

Series Name:

Beautiful Places

Seniority State Idea:

For this series I want to simply go around at random and photograph the world beyond our back yard.

How will I execute:

I plan to on executing this by showing various environments beyond a radius of 15 miles from cal poly.

Why is this topic important to me:

This topic is important because I feel as a society and even as far as the world, we are all glued to our phones or our homes where there is technology. People aren’t paying attention to what is beyond their backyards.

What do I hope this series will accomplish:

I hope that I show people places that maybe they haven’t seen yet. And show them just how close they are without them even realizing it, or even showing them the places that are kinda far but worth the exploration.

Output method:

 I plan to either print them individually or make a small photo book.

Exercise G

Location of the prints: Staples, Kinkos, Cal Poly Print Lab, Claremont Photos, Cvs

Best quality of print was at Claremont Photos

For the Future I will most likely use either Claremont phots or the print lab located on cal poly. The biggest adjustment I will need to make will basically be to make sure I size everything correctly.

Still Life Research

For my Traditional style of still life I plan to use food and other things related to food. The background scene will most likely be in the kitchen. I will also darken the room so that I can use a spotlight on my objects. For the Product portion of this project I will most likely use either alcohol or cigars. Both of which are very easily located within my house. As for the scenery I will most likely use the cigar lounge I work at or a very dimly lit room in my house.