Adrian Ramirez, Exercise K



Adrian Ramirez, Exercise G


1)office depot



4)rite aid

5)Claremont Photo

-The best matched photo was from claremont photo and it was also the highest quality.

-I plan to print at claremont photo or Costco because I have printed from Costco before for a different photography class and was happy with the result.

Adrian Ramirez, Research


What I plan on doing for the product portion of the project is to have a couple of products like a cider and açai beverages in different settings that are appropriate to the product. I would like to have a dark red background for the ciders and violet for the açai beverage.

The still life I am not very sure exactly what I want to do, but I would like to do something with very dramatic lighting that is strange to photograph.

For the food portion I would like to focus more on the ingredients than the actual end result. I believe that ingredients alone can look much more beautiful because of all of the different color and the unlimited dynamic compositions posible.