Portrait Research

Self: I plan to take a portrait of what makes me happy when I don’t have homework or working. I want to show people my natural habitat which is slumping in a chair playing videos games. I want to show the expressions when I am about die or get stuck in a game.

Environmental: If my sister is not busy flying, I want to take a photo of how’s the life of a flight attendant. 

Simple: I’ve had a couple of my friends ask for a nice tinder photo that is not too distracting. I’m going to take photos of them then pick the best one 

Creative: I want to take action portraits 

Still Life Research

For Ingredient/food Still Life I want to go a route like Frank Hamel and Veronica Studer where they incorporate two different ingredients but makes the ingredient whole.

For product, I feel like I still need to research. Little more but I want to shoot probably stuff animals doing human things or shoot my different game systems. 

For Traditional Still life I want to incorporate elements with objects like Joahnnes Bauer with the smoke inside the cup but in my own way and a whole different consent. I smokily like how the smokes value.

Sketches are still in process… 🙂