Exercise K

Aguirre_Jasmin_EX K


Research Portraiture

Im my research for the portraiture project I found many interesting and fun ways to photograph. For a self-portrait, I want to approach a portrait where I can express who I am, a fun interesting person without really doing a formal face portrait. In cooperating a shadow or covering the face for example. For the on-location portrait I would like to explore those around me who I believe work very hard and are dedicated to their passions, potential candidates could be my sister who is constantly in a kitchen baking or classmates of mine who spend their days and nights in studio. In the formal portrait, I want to show a simple neutral background that closely resembles my subject. For the creative portrait I would like to show a different side to my subject by allowing them to go outside the box and open up to trying ¬†things they wouldn’t normally do or which other wouldn’t see them doing.

Exercise G

The best quality in my photos came from Claremont Photos.

The Best match was also from Claremont Photo.

Due to the price, I plan to continue to print with Costco. I will just have to adjust my photos to match to their printer settings. Toning down the contrast and shadow will be one of the steps I take to accomplish this, as well as the exposure to make sure the image does not print so dark.