Still Life Research


For the still life project I want to do 3 subjects that relate to one another. For the food I want to do mixed drinks, playing with the arrangement and colors of the different liquids and condiments. For the product I will shoot makeup, specially heavy makeup, and for traditional it’s going to be different objects related to a “night out” such as shoes, bottles, bags,etc. The whole theme I’m going for is a night out and I plan on working with the color of the background to compliment the products.

Vasquez_Alexandra_Ex G


-order: CVS, Home, BSC print, Staples, FedEx

-best match: none of them really matched the vibrance and darks of the photo on my screen, but if I have to choose the BSC print one was the best match.

-best quality: once again BSC print, but the paper could have been of better weight on all the prints.

-where I plan to print: probably Costco, judging by the prints of my classmates they look pretty good, plus I have Costco card. Adjustments I would make would probably be as mentioned in class making the image warmer and lighter.