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Ex. G. Printing

ex G printingArballo_Alex_perspective_2

  1. Claremont Photo
  2. Cvs
  3. Target
  4. Walgreens
  5. Fedex (kinkos)

The photo Which had the best match was the one printed at Claremont Photo ($5-6). Although it was the most expensive of all places it was closest to the best match but was not completely the same as my screen.

The bluest parts of sky were not as blue in the actual photo.  Therefore I would adjust the vibrance or saturation a little higher.

The best quality was Claremont Photo.  The next best one was CVS but the quality of photo paper was not great. It cost somewhere between 20-40 cents.  This was the most inexpensive place.

If i did print there again I would lower the saturation because one this particular photo it was overly saturated.

The place I will go to print for now on depends on the project and if it is school related or not.  But as far as prints that are more important to me and  I want to keep i will go to claremont photo.