Exercise K


Research for Project 3

Self Portraiture

For this category I want to shoot in a way that shows more vulnerability to myself. In this category I want to show more depth and emotion to my person because I believe that is the point of this category.

Environmental Portraiture

For this category I want to shoot either my mother or my sister with their horses. Horseback riding is very important to them and me, the barn is a place that holds meaning to them. I would end up shooting at the barn since that place holds significance to the both of them.

Formal/Simple Portraiture

For this category I want to shoot with most likely a light or dark background since formal portraits have a neutral background. I will most likely end up using my sister as a subject and will probably have her pose sitting or standing in a way that makes the photo look professional. The main goal for me for this category is to make the photo look as professional as possible.

Creative Portraiture

For this category I want to shoot photos involving horses. It would be much different than the environmental category as this one would have more of a sports photography look to it. I want to attempt to shoot the horses and riders in action whether that be cantering on the flat or going over a jump. My goal is to get a good action shot of both the horse and rider.


Exercise G

Original Digital File

Locations of Printing

  1. Target
  2. Walmart
  3. Walgreens
  4. CVS

Best Quality Print

The best quality print was at either Walmart or Walgreens. Walmart because the paper was a good quality and the surface was not as glossy as some other places. Walgreens because the paper was a bit thicker than the other places though not as thick as Walmart’s was. The image was actually close to the one on my computer when printed at Walgreens.

Where will you print in the future? What adjustments will you need to make?

I will print at Walmart in the future as the paper is the best and it is more affordable. There will need to be adjustments made because the Walmart photos are rather dark, so I will need to turn up the brightness on the file I send to them to print.

Project 2 Research

Brainstorm Paragraph

Traditional Still Life: I would like to somehow incorporate art supplies into the still life. I plan on getting some old art supplies in my house and setting them up in an aesthetically appealing way. The brand of the art supplies will not be shown since this is a traditional still life photograph.

Product Still Life: I would like to utilize the aspect of technology for this photograph. I will use apple products such as the macbook, iPhone, iPad, earbuds, chargers, etc in order to have the brand that the photograph will focus on. The items will be assembled many different ways but I want some of the pictures to look like they are being used or just powered on.

Food Still Life: The first two ideas I had were to either do something with breakfast items or dessert items. I thought of cookies and milk for the dessert items and I would add more to make the photo look appealing. The breakfast one I thought of Cereal with the milk being poured into it and toast on the side with the butter in a tiny dish. I may or may not change my mind for both of these ideas. I am still thinking things through with this section.