Series Proposal

My series is going to be circled around festival fashion and I want to possibly make a zine in the style of a fashion magazine! I want one photo to be a cover of a magazine and it will be titled “Electric”. I want to showcase my passion for festival fashion and how confident it makes me feel. I will be shooting my best friends as well as a few photos of myself in the series.

Portrait Examples

For my self portrait, since it is due after my first festival of the year, I’m going to have my boyfriend give me a photoshoot before we leave each day of the festival. I want pics of the fit, the makeup EVERYTHING. I am very excited for y’all to see me in my true form *insert glitter here*.

For my environment, I am going to take pics of my coworkers working at the BRIC OR them working out, whichever comes out better or more interesting.

For formal, one of my friends has asked me previously to take pics of him for his LinkedIn profile so this is the perfect opportunity to make him look formal and professional!

Lastly, for creative, I have these super cool veil fans I like to play with and I thought it would be fun to photograph either myself or my best friend flowing with them as they move. Either that or showcasing close ups of my festival makeup!