My series name is going to be Southern California: More Than Just LA. For this series I plan to take pictures of landscapes in and around southern California showing the nature that is still relevant here. For the most part, these are going to be images of parks or the beach or hiking trails and maybe even some desert. In order to take these, I plan to take a day or two and just spend it driving around from location to location just seeing what there is to be seen. The topic is important to me because I love California and I feel as if some people believe that southern California is just nothing but crowded urbanized areas where there is no nature left to be seen. There is not really any special equipment considering that I’m going to take these pictures mid-day with a high aperture and make them black and white I don’t need a tripod, but I might need my bigger zoom lense I’m not sure yet. For printing I think I’m just going print them regular but im thinking of doing some bigger than others.


for the self portrait i plan on sitting behind a fence or gate or something wearing a hoodie or jacket where you cant see my face and kind of looking down. for the environmental i was thinking of just taking a picture of me working at my desk in my room with the camera set up behind me taking a picture of my back as i sit in my chair at my desk. for formal i was thinking about a more light hearted image of someone standing infront of a colored wall and blowing into a pinwheel and last for the creative, taking one in the studio of someone with different colors on their face giving a sense of two moods almost kind of a bipolar feel.