ex K



for the self portrait i plan on sitting behind a fence or gate or something wearing a hoodie or jacket where you cant see my face and kind of looking down. for the environmental i was thinking of just taking a picture of me working at my desk in my room with the camera set up behind me taking a picture of my back as i sit in my chair at my desk. for formal i was thinking about a more light hearted image of someone standing infront of a colored wall and blowing into a pinwheel and last for the creative, taking one in the studio of someone with different colors on their face giving a sense of two moods almost kind of a bipolar feel.


the locations i got too were target the school print lab and cvs. the best of mine was the print lab and thats where i plan on printing, but when its not open i will go to sams club. after seeing others prints and comparing mine to what printed i will definitely lighten my image a bit more because i found that mine printed darker than i thought