Exercise K

Exercise K.jpg


Exercise G

The best quality photo print I have is from Claremont Photo. The best match print is from Claremont. I plan to print at Claremont Photo for this class. To adjust to the Claremont Photo printer, I am going to increase my coolness of the photo because my print appears warmer. But other than the temperature of the photo, the quality, saturation, and the detail of the photo are on point.DelaCruz_Anne_Prints.jpgTexture_18.jpg

Project 2 Research

For project 2, in my traditional composition, I decided to use items that describe myself and place them on a wooden floor and shoot the picture from up above. For my product composition, I am going to use a Hydro flasks  For the Food composition, I am going to showcase salad and some of its contents dropping into a bowl.