Exercise I


Portrait Research

Self Portrait: For this portrait, I was thinking of playing around and manipulating a mirror. I’m not exactly sure how yet but I like the idea/concept of looking into a mirror, almost like I’m going through some internal struggle. Another idea I have is to sit on a stool and portray negative emotions. For this idea, the background will be very simple and the focus will be solely on the emotions I’m portraying.

Simple Portrait: Similar to the self portrait, I will have my model sitting behind a white backdrop portraying different emotions/facial expressions.

Environmental Portrait: My brother likes to make music and he has a small makeshift studio in his room, I think it would be cool and interesting to photograph his process.

Creative Portrait: For this portrait, I really want to play around with color and fashion choices. I want to use bright saturated colors but also juxtapose this with something random like a doll or another prop.

Exercise G

I would say Costco had the best quality print, it was the closet to my original photo. However I’m sure if I was able to go to the Claremont studio, they would have had the best quality print. I will probably continue to go to Costco in the future, since the prints are inexpensive, but I will most likely overexpose my photos slightly to compensate for them turning darker after printing.

Brainstorm Sketches/Ideas

For my traditional still life, I was thinking of taking a doll I made from my 3D class and setting it up next to two other old dolls I had as a kid. I want this still life took look kind of creepy, surreal, and weird, like I’m taking the feelings of nostalgia and unease and putting them together to form an interesting photo. For my product still life, I want to take photos of either my Dr. Martens or Converse. I think both these types of shoes would be interesting because they tend to took better with wear and age well. For my food still life, I want to take photos of pizza, and include hands grabbing slices. My other idea for my food still life was to take photos of chocolate cake and other desserts.