Exercise G

In order from top to bottom:

  1. Claremont Photo
  2. Costco
  3. CVS
  4. Office Depot
  5. Walgreens

The best quality print was at Claremont Photo, it is the closest to the original photo and is very clear. 

I will be printing at Claremont Photo because I believe you pay for what you get. I believe they will justify my pictures the best, and minor adjustments need to be made, or even not at all. Their service was exceptional and quick.

Project 2 Still Life Research

I want to incorporate many different concepts for this project. For my traditional still life, I want to take the simplistic aspect of fruits and wine, but I want to make it darker by incorporating broken glass and old fruit. I also want to take a dark turn with this, including strong light and shadow. For product, I want to mess around with luxury products, with a very feminine feel to it. For food, I want to emphasize the beauty of desserts and underrated food. I want to display pretty colors and texture.