Exercise K

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Exercise G


I got my photos printed at Samys, Target, Walgreen’s, Walmart, and CVS. The best quality was by far Samys. The best color match was also Samys. I would like to print at Samys in the future, but it is a little steep, so I will most likely end up finding a cheaper alternative. if I were to print at Samys the changes I would make would be to desaturate the photo a little. I’m not sure if the print from there is so saturated because of my editing or if that happened while they were printing it.

Project #2 research

research contact sheet.jpgsketches

For the food still life, I plan on taking a photo of a typical Peruvian dish, lomo saltado. I plan on having the raw ingredients surrounding it with maybe some cultural things to add effect. For the regular still life I plan on grabbing things from my room that I like and just rearranging them. For the product, I plan on shooting skate shoes and having a skate theme go with it. I wanted to do specific brand of clothes, but I’m not sure if that’s possible.