Final Series Proposal

Series Name: Curves and Cars
Idea: For this idea i want to focus on the details, curves, angles of different cars.
Execution: I plan to go around town photographing all types of cars. New, old, dirty, clean, rusty.
Importance: Living in Los Angeles we are one of the most congested cities in the world. Driving a car sometimes seems like a chore. I want to be able to show beauty in the forms of cars. As a designer, cars are some of the most beautifully designed pieces of work, and I see lots of beauty in them. I want to expose the beauty with photos. I hope others too will see the beauty of automobiles.
Techniques/Conditions for Shooting: I plan to get close enough to get details of the cars. Good sunlight will help to show details and color. Try to avoid any weird reflections that cars may show.
Output and method size: I want to make a 8×10.5 saddle stitched booklet with a Front and backcover.

Portrait Research

for self portrait i want to be smoking with the smoke covering my face/ maybe black in white full frame shot.
for environmental i will probably photograph my dad who is always working around the house . or a baseball photo of someone hitting or pitching.
for formal portrait i want to shoot a closeup of a female face with different colors onto the face, i want to abstract a portrait with color and different angles of the face. for creative i want to add some color lighting smoke and a close up of the face