Exercise K



Project 3 Research


Self Portrait: I picture myself frolicking in a large wheat field or just a candid shot of me smiling.

Environment: I imagine a dark woodsy location where my model will hide within the leaves.

Formal: I want my model to portray a wet, dewy look against a plain white background using window light. This picture will evoke a raw and natural mood and personality.

Creative: This picture will involve a beige monochromatic color scheme in clothes, props, and various objects. I will be the model to portray a soft, calm mood.

Exercise G

  1. Print Lab
  2. Fed Ex
  3. Costco
  4. Powell
  5. CVS

Best Quality: Powell

Best Match: Print Lab

I will plan to print at the print lab for the class.

For a better match I need to decrease the contrast and make it a touch warmer.