Ex G _Printing

image1Based on the photographs above, the best match one was the Samys which has captured almost every color from the image on the screen. I was also very satisfied with the quality of the image printed at Samys. I personally prefer luster paper because it provides a nicer and more realistic photographs as well as complete color range. Considering the cost of the prints, I will probably choose another print shop such as Costco.

Still Life


According to my examples here, I have planned to photograph the unusual relationship between organic objects and mechanical or (artificial objects).I like to create sureal concept within my images . In terms of light and setup, I am thinking of using a light source coming from the corner of the frame creating contrast and shadow on objects, and also a plain background with a complimentary color emphasizing the objects. For my food, I am going to take picture from ethnic foods including my culture (Persian)food. I will incorporate some natural herbs and spices in the set up to enhance the image and focus on the ingridinets. For  my product photograph,I have chosen cosmetic packages such as soap and body cream for my product photograph, which will concentrate on natural earth tone colors and a limited color palette. I have also decided to take the product outdoor in garden and shoot photos with flowers and plants.