Exercise K


Portrait Research

Self Portrait:
With a few ideas floating around my head for the self portrait I might end up with a few different pictures. One of the ideas was to try to portray an idea of wandering and being mindless. This is a major thought because I was never sure of what to do with my life , so most of it was wandering around trying to see what would stick. A different idea that’s remained prominent was utilizing the use of a slow shutter speed and show different emotions throughout one picture.

One Location:
The first thing that came to mind was the idea of taking photos of my friends in their rooms. This would show most of what and who they are in a comfortable environment for them. The other idea I had for this was possibly going to one of their workspaces and see what they are like at those location compared to how they are in their rooms.

This I had trouble really thinking of something to do about it. I had ideas of having people/friends in their work attire in front of a blank wall or make use of a shallow depth of field with a background outside somewhere. The meaning of this would be about backing up the idea of what they do to make a living. I was also thinking about possibly using shadows being cast on the subject to represent different ideas as well.

Creative Portrait:
When we were viewing the examples in class the examples with the use of a mirror really resonated with me. A use of a mirror in different lighting and different types of mirrors could have different meanings. Other ideas were showing off physical ability or musical ability. The idea with musical ability I was thinking of having the subject stand in front of a wall that would be decorated to make it look like the subject was performing.