P3-Portrait Research

I plan to use my creative portrait to portray Colombian culture either through struggle orĀ  beauty. I then want to use my environmental portrait to focus on the middle class and show the standard of living and quality of life. For my self portrait, I really want to embrace and showcase my creative side and perhaps show myself engaging in creative activities. For my formal portrait, I really want to showcase a more feminine approach the men and masculinity.

ExG: Printing


Top, left to right: Claremont Photo, Walgreens, FedEx

Bottom, left to right: Target, Bronco Copy N’ Mail

I chose an unedited photo in hopes to see the differences more clearly. The places I will definitely not return to is Walgreens (who gave the photo a green tinge) and the Bronco Copy N’ Mail (who desaturated the photo and required me to cut off the border). I found myself to prefer the print from Target since they really made my colors pop but I can see how that may not be what I want later. FedEx printed the photo exactly how it was on my screen, and Claremont Photo adjusted the photo slightly but it also closely resembles the photo on my screen. I would return to either of these as these were the best versions of my photos and I received the best service.