Exercise J


Project 3 Research

For the self portrait I want to capture my ethnicity which is a big part of my morals, and my identity. Im gonna wear a traditional central American blanket and focus on that. I want my face to be hidden or maybe just have the back of my head show. For the environmental portrait I wanted to capture my friend’s upbringing as a child of illegal immigrants in a white suburb. I wanted to take a photo of her either outside sitting on the curb or inside her home. For the simple portrait I wanted to just have a pink backdrop and play with green and yellow lights onto someone’s face. For the creative portrait I wanted to try capturing beauty photography. This would entail a really close shot of someone’s face showing off the product.

Exercise G

3. The print locations where at Staples, a personal inkjet printer, Boomerang print lab, CVS, and Art Building Print Lab.

4. The best quality print was from the print lab in the art building.

5. In the future I will print in the Art building Print Lab. I think I will need to lower my tones so my photo is less warm, because the photo printed a little warmer than my digital file.

Project 2 research

Brainstorm Paragraph

For the traditional still life, I was thinking of incorporating familiar, and ordinary objects with a twist. One visual that kept popping up into my head was a mug on its side with marbles spilling out of it instead of a liquid. I also want to incorporate a plate of food, and dried flowers throughout the composition. The objects will lay on a whirl surface. For this concept, I want to use natural lighting. For the food still life, I want to lay the objects on a textile of some sort, preferably a white-colored one, because for this concept I want to use artificial lighting with different colors. The objects I have in mind is a vase with roses and a plate of strawberries. I plan to incorporate more food into the still life later. For the product category, I was thinking of using wine bottles as my product, because they have a clear label most of the times. Since the product would be wine, I wanted the objects to be laid on white drapery with a clear vase with baby’s breath in it. The lighting for this concept would also be soft natural lighting.