Tentative Series Name: 


State Idea: 

For this series I want to focus in capturing the essence of different cities.

How will you execute idea? 

I want to create 4 collages all focusing on different cities. The collages will be made of 5 images, and one will be a person. The images will be of the scenery of the cities, and if the city has a downtown the photos will focus around the downtown. The photos will be of buildings, street signs, and another miscellaneous element. With every collage, a photo that encompasses the city will be paired. To make sure that all the collages and individual photos come together I will edit the photos, so they have a warm welcoming tone. I will also position the photos a certain way, so the collages look similar in composition. 

Why is this topic important to you? What do you want other people to understand? What do you hope this series will accomplish?
With this series I just want to show people the different aesthetics and feelings that a city gives. 

Any special conditions, equipment, or techniques needed? 

The only special technique I would use would be making the collages digitally on photoshop and playing with the composition. 

Output Method and Size: 

For the series the photos will be 8.5×11, and they will be presented together in a book.

Project 3 Research

For the self portrait I want to capture my ethnicity which is a big part of my morals, and my identity. Im gonna wear a traditional central American blanket and focus on that. I want my face to be hidden or maybe just have the back of my head show. For the environmental portrait I wanted to capture my friend’s upbringing as a child of illegal immigrants in a white suburb. I wanted to take a photo of her either outside sitting on the curb or inside her home. For the simple portrait I wanted to just have a pink backdrop and play with green and yellow lights onto someone’s face. For the creative portrait I wanted to try capturing beauty photography. This would entail a really close shot of someone’s face showing off the product.