Exercise K



Exercise G

20160418_085132The order of these photos goes Claremont Photo, CVS, Walmart, Target, and Rite Aid. I think the best match to my original picture was from claremont photo. This was because he spent time with me to make sure it is exactly how i wanted the picture to look like. The best quality was also at claremont photo. I believe that you get what you pay for and since i paid so much more for that print it came out so much better than the others. I plan to print more pictures at claremont photo even though it costs more. The people there help adjust your picture before you print it so you don’t have to go and pay twice to print. They will get your picture just right.

Still life research


For my food still life, i looked at examples from a website called reddit. On the reddit website they have a category called foodporn where people post pictures of food that make you want to get it or make it as well. They photograph the food in the best way possible and post it on the site. This is my inspiration for the food still life. I want to take pictures that make you want to eat the food.

For the product still life, Im going to focus on shoes. In particular, Jordans. Even though most of the product still lives are with the whole body figured and we aren’t allowed to use people i will figure out an interesting way to display the shoe so you want to buy it. I will use a human subject but only the feet and i will photograph them jumping or doing some kind of action because they are basketball shoes.

For the traditional still life i wanted to make it very simple. I have seen people do these still lives with clothing and i wanted to do a similar thing. Maybe just with things essential to my daily life or something. Another thing that inspired me was simplicity. Something that is very simple but can still carry a message. I see these kinds of still lives when there is only one thing in frame but it still has a meaning.