Exercise K

exercise K


Project 3 Research

Research Project 3


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For self portrait I plan on having high contrast lighting and a central point of view I might experiment with different angles. It might even be black and white depending on my ability with the camera. For creative I want to do something funny make get a costume on and see where that takes me. For environmental I will go to the skate park and ask some of my buddies if they want to be part of my project and see If I can get some dope pictures. And for formal I want to try the mirror trick and see If I can find the right angle.

Project 2 / Research

Still Life:

I am planning on having a human as a background to a building or something. Kind of like Harry Callhan’s Work or go a different direction and have a scene set up in order to match the still moment. For example somewhere in the Japanese garden on campus would make a great set up


I like Steve Girlat simplistic style of having beer and a burger. Or a arranged Salad like Christina Peters would be interesting.


Modularity is the key here. Pascal Duval’s modular work is when I want for my product.  A little help some some photoshop  and a cybernetic theme should be fine

work in progressproject 2 research