Exercise G

Original (Edited)
From top to Bottom:
Fullerton Photograph

The best quality prints were Fullerton Photograph and WalMart. Even though Fullerton has the best print texture and paper, it brightened the photo compared to the original. WalMart would be the best out of the two as it was closest to the original edited photo and I would be most likely going there for my future photos. What I would have to adjust the sharpness as it was a bit blurred in the WalMart print out. I also need to brighten it a bit as my photo was darkened.

Still Life Research

For Traditional, I would like to go to a cafe and bring in my wooden chess set and play it with another buddy. Mid-game, I would take a shot that includes the game, a drink, and a pastry where you could see a blurred background telling you that I’m in a cafe.
For Product, I want to advertise the N64. I would do so by connecting the console to an old TV box and turn it on by showing a game being played in the background. The console and the controller would be the main focus.
Lastly, for food, I want to make tacos and have 3 of them on a plate, two of the sideways and one standing up. Then, I will sprinkle cheese capturing it with a high shutter speed so that viewers could see the cheese is sprinkled on and some of the cheese will be already on the taco. The kitchen blurred will be the background.