Ex G

The five places I got my photos printed are CVS, Staples, Costco, Kinkos, and Claremont Photo. The best quality photo was from Claremont photo. The best color match was also from Claremont, Kinkos being a close second. Since I don’t live near campus or any professional printing places the most practical place for me to print my photos will be at Kinkos. howe_bruna_exg

Project 2 Reseach

For my product still life I want to stick to a clean and simple composition. My plan is to have a white or pastel background with perhaps some foliage or other organic material scattered throughout the scene. There might be up to three different products (that work together, like makeup) that will be displayed in the comp.Maybe one of the product will be open, spilling out its contents.

For my traditional still life I want to create a composition similar to the work of Ellen Hoverkamp. I might choose to add flowers but I think my plan is to create a composition that looks more like a scene from one of the display cases from the Museum of Jurassic Technology.

For my food still life I want the composition to look like a meal was just prepared. I want the dish to be on one edge of the composition and the cutting board with the left over food throughout the rest of the composition. Maybe there will even be a drink in the background to further provide the sensation that someone was actually preparing the food. img_5878howe_bruna_stilllife