Series Proposal

Tentative Series Name: Textures

State Idea: for this series I want to focus on textures.

How will you execute idea?

I plan to take photos of textures in a way that resembles gift wrap or wallpaper. I would like to have a book made with full page spreads, like Tauba Auerbach’s RGB Color-space Atlas.

Why is this topic important to you? What do you want other people to understand? What do you hope this series will accomplish?

I like looking at and feeling different textures because it is calming. I want this series to be somewhat meditative by not activating any real thinking in any viewers. I want people who see this series to look at the textures and go, “ooh pretty” and have that moment of bird brain simplicity. Simplicity relaxes the brain and is therefore stress relief.

Any special conditions, equipment, or techniques needed?

I will likely need a tripod and reflector.

Output Method and Size:

I would like to make a small booklet with full page spreads of the texture photos. I want to try for a square book about 10x10in.

Project 3 Research

Currently, ideas of formal portraits beyond a better looking passport photo is all I have. The easiest route to take with the environmental photo would be to take a photo of someone at their work desk or in a space that seems lived in. My ideas on the creative portraits and self portraits seem interchangeable. A side profile of an emoting person is something I would like to explore, although, I am not sure if the resulting photo would belong to the self portrait category or the creative portrait category if I were to take a picture of myself. My most coherent creative portrait ideas are related to having a person copy the pose of person in a renaissance art piece.