Exercise K


Project 3 Research

Currently, ideas of formal portraits beyond a better looking passport photo is all I have. The easiest route to take with the environmental photo would be to take a photo of someone at their work desk or in a space that seems lived in. My ideas on the creative portraits and self portraits seem interchangeable. A side profile of an emoting person is something I would like to explore, although, I am not sure if the resulting photo would belong to the self portrait category or the creative portrait category if I were to take a picture of myself. My most coherent creative portrait ideas are related to having a person copy the pose of person in a renaissance art piece.

Exercise G

Printing locations consist of Claremont Photo, Walmart, Staples, Target, and the Print lab (this photo was eaten by a dog). The best quality print came from Claremont Photo & Video. I think I would prefer to print at Walmart in terms of convenience, price, and quality. I will need to adjust the brightness of my photos when printing so the photos don’t come out too dark.

Still Life Research

I like books and have a lot of them so I was thinking of having some books in both the traditional still life and product still life. I would like to include a small brass rhino because it’s a shiny thing in an otherwise very not shiny photo of books. I also currently have a cake but it’s mostly eaten by now. I can make a sandwich or hamburger and take a food photo of that. I like to think I’m good at making sandwiches that look appealing.