Exercise K



Exercise G



(Parlor, image on the right.)

The places i went to get my prints were: ( In order of top to bottom)





Fullerton Photo-graphics

The best quality for this image was by far from Fullerton Photo-graphics and for the cheaper print it was from Target.

The best color match would be from target, though the paper quality is not great.

In the future i will go to Fullerton Photo-graphics with Target as a back up but i will be trying out Costco as well.

From Fullerton Photo-graphics i would just need my image to be a bit brighter.


Still Life Research


For Project 2 i plan on mixing black & white, color, and rustic sepia/natural colors. Assigned to each theme Still life( piano) in black and white, Product( lush- bath bomb) with vibrant colors , and Food (dessert) in vintage rustic colors. For Still life i would like to show emotions displayed through music so i plan on incorporating water, glass, or clutter as one option. Im also toying with the idea of having the piano/keyboard alone in a big place or maybe some hands on it. For product placement, im going to attempt to keep the vibrancy of the product and quickly catch the moment when the bomb hits the water. For food id like to capture realism and make the viewer truly want to eat the object while still playing up all of its beautiful and rich colors.