Ex K- Landscape



Ex G- Printing

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Order (Top to Bottom):

  1. CPP Art Lab
  2. Target Photo (Kodak Based System)
  3. CVS Photo (Kodak Based System)
  4. Staples
  5. Claremont Photo

Best Match (Color, Contrast, Exposure): For sure, #5- Claremont Photo (Professional Printer) However I need to boost contrast and saturation of my image before I go in as the image flattened a bit. It is in this photo as well that I can see the stars in the sky the best and have the best vibrance of my colors.

Where Will I go in the future?: If I have the right amount of time (and budget), I really would like to go to Claremont photo for future project print outs. However, since I don’t have a car in California at this moment and lyfts to Claremont are a little pricey, CVS in Walnut may have to do. CVS’ kiosk provided the 2nd best quality of image (albeit the photo paper is not the best or thickest). To make adjustments for CVS printing, I should darken my photo a little, boost vibrance, and (maybe a little) saturation and contrast.


Still Life Research

For my product concentration, I will be focusing in on the testosterone gel I take to feel comfortable in my body as a trans-masculine person assigned female at birth. This will be done using testosterone bottles and packaging I have around. I will combine these simple objects with visual metaphors such as tree bark (wood) to show stereotypical “male” sexual traits. I will also combine this object with assorted items that I have that also work with being a trans masculine person and essentials I need (or needed in the past pre-hormone replacement therapy) to pass as male as well as application processes of the medication itself.

For my food concentration I will be focusing on processes of preparing coffee and tea! These still lives will contain the processes of preparation and enjoyment of these items with simple human interactions where appropriate. I also want to employ subtle movement in some of my images. I will work in mostly natural lighting for this in early morning settings around my balcony and kitchen to get a “morning” feel as well as in indoor lighting settings to convey the all too familiar importance of caffeine for design class all-nighters.

For my still life, I will be doing a “still life within a still life” and conveying the process of creating a traditional still life with flowers and other traditionally used items along with art and design tools used to make traditional still lives.