Series Proposal

Working Series Title(s):

  • “This is L.A.”
  • “Blue Heaven”
  • “Dodger Culture”

State Idea:

For this series, I want to focus on the baseball culture surrounding Los Angeles and/or Dodger Stadium.

Executing the Idea:

I plan to shoot both landscape photos and environmental photos using natural lighting. The lighting will depend on which game I’ll go to (day, afternoon, or evening). I hope to go to a day game so I can get a bunch of photos over the course of three hours.  It will also be shot in both wide and medium lengths.

Importance of the Idea:

In most of my previous projects and exercises, I always include anything related to baseball of the Dodgers. Growing up, I loved watching baseball and watching the Dodgers play on TV and at the stadium. I want to create something personal as well as sharing something I like. I also want to share the baseball culture in Los Angeles. There are a lot of Dodger fans who share their Dodger pride in their own unique ways and I want to try to capture that.

Special techniques, conditions, or equipment:

I plan to shoot these images straight forward.

Output Method and Size:

I plan to print this project on 13”x19” (maybe 24”x30”) paper and 11”x17” paper. I have some ideas about using the stadium as an outline but I want to take the photos first. I just want to capture the landscape and the fans as well.    

Portrait Research

For my formal portrait, I want to use a blue or purple background. I want to give off a calm, professional atmosphere. I’ll probably wear something fancy to emphasize this feeling. For envt. portrait, I’ll have someone photograph me while I’m working on my desk. This is essentially illustrating who I am as a person, interests, hobbies etc., For self portrait, I’ll have myself sitting and/or napping with my hat down with cars passing by me. I ‘ll use this as a metaphor as life passing by w/o realizing it. Finally, creative portrait will involve mostly sports photography. I’ll have myself or my siblings playing baseball.