Exercise K


Portrait Research


Self portrait: I don’t really want to show my face, so I am thinking maybe I can cover my face with a hoodie, my hair or even a book. I think I want to make this photo a black and white photo.

Environmental portrait: I plan on taking a photo of my boyfriend in his fire gear, preferably in front of his engine. I want this photo to have a more serious tone, so I will probably tell him not to smile.

Formal/Simple: I really want the background of this photo to pop so I’m thinking a hot pink or a baby blue like the sky. I want to have my model covering her face with flowers, or ribbon, and have her makeup really dramatic.

Creative: For this photo I want it to be very natural like a girl blowing bubbles in a field, or a boy playing in a arcade. I am leaning more toward the bubble idea, but I think the neon lights in a arcade would be fun to shoot.

Exercise G

(Top to Bottom)
Claremont Photo
Office Max

  1. I think the best quality of print was Claremont Photo and Walgreens. The paper quality was better at Claremont Photo but I liked how Walgreens captured all the colors that I edited in Lightroom.
  2. I will probably print at Walgreens because it is more affordable compared to Claremont Photo and more convenient honestly. I think the print quality is just as good at Claremont Photo also.

Project 2 Research

Tradition Still Life: I love the concept of putting random things together and having the same hue of color or even pops of color in the background. I want to do something similar to Stephanie Gonot’s work and Dom Sebastian. I also liked how they both had all their objects in the frame and not crop on the sides.

Product Still Life: I want to do something fun and different for this shoot, and focus on incorporating dimension. I am not sure what product I want to work with yet.

Food Still Life: For this one, I want to place my food items in a symmetrical type of way like Lasma Vitolina. I’m thinking something with movement like noodles so I can manipulate the placement.