Self-Portrait – For my self-portrait I want to make use of a reflection.

Environmental – For this photo I want to implement perspective. I want to take the picture in a unexpected angle.

Formal – For the formal portrait I want to make it fun and creative.

Creative – Still thinking. I want to do something crazy.



For my Still life I want to photograph a set of objects that together can transmit a message. I´m still thinking of that objects will be used.
For the food still life I want to photograph a typical dish of my country Honduras. Also, the dish will be placed in a background that can tell us about the country. At this moment, I´m thinking on photographing a ¨Baleada¨ which is a flour tortilla with beans, egg, and mantequilla.
The product still life I want to do, the product will interact with the background and environment. I´m thinking of using water as the environmental factor that will interact with the product.