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From left to right the images was printed at CVS, Office Depot, Walmart, and Kinkos the bottom image was printed at Claremont Photo. In terms of image I think CVS was the worst quality you could really see were the printer dragged everywhere it stopped. The colors were vibrant and the paper had a nice gloss though pretty flimsy. Office depot seemed  to do a better job with the print quality however it seemed to make it too harsh and color vibrance decrease. Kinkos has good quality printing but their paper is extremely flimsy. The two that I believe had the best quality were Walmart and Claremont obviously the professional printing was the best in both image quality and paper quality, however Walmart’s quality wasn’t too bad.

Project 2 research


For my traditional still life I want to take a picture of a bouquet of flowers in a completely white background with just the shadow of the flowers reflecting. on the other hand with my food still life i would like to get as messy as possible because food isn’t neat so i want to express how making something look so nice can result from a complete mess. Finally for my product I’d like to reflect an action that the product can be used for while still focusing on the product itself.