Exercise K

Exercise K


Project 2 Research

Looking at all inspiration from my research, I decided that I wanted to create a lot of movement in my photos by distinctively having texture and some kind of dynamic background to emphasis my focal point.  My still life I was thinking of breaking up an item like a pencil and focusing on all the materials that makes it up.  My product shot, I will be adding affiliating texture that supports the product for example a pair of boots will have droplets of water or on a poodle of water to bring out the characteristic of the product.  Last, is the food shot, like I said before I wanted to create movement so I will be showing a hand on the background sorta throwing the food which breaks the food into all the ingredients.  Movement is really the main topic that I will have in all my shots.

Exercise G

Locations that I printed (starting from top left to right then bottom left) FedEx, ENV Printing Lab, BSC, Target and last Fullerton Photographic.  The best quality one would definitely be the Fullerton location and the best match as well.  The place has a higher quality paper and the colors are more vivid and sharper than another other places.  I will definitely go back there to print but I felt like the highlights were a little bit higher than my original computer version.