I went to CVS, Office Max, Staples, Target, and Claremont Photo. The best quality photo was Claremont Photo because of the paper quality and the way the darks and lights are shown in the final image. The best color match, in my opinion, is the Claremont picture just because the colors look very similar to the photo on my mac. I would print to Claremont if we only had 4 by 6 photos to do and we only had a few of them due because of the cost it would become a problem for me. My secondary choice would be CVS just because of the way it printed compared the other four simple laser printer locations.


Project 2 Research


For my food still life I plan to take a picture of an egg being dropped on to a hard granite surface, or rustic looking tabletop, like a picnic bench. For my traditional still life I thought it would be cool to include food as my subject and make a banana cut in half by a knife, and an apple in the background with its face carved out to look distraught over its friend, the banana. For my product still life I plan to make it look very editorial and professional looking but I wanted to make my perfume named “daisy” be pictured in a field of daisy’s to convince the audience of the scent I am selling.